Adult Animated Comedy Series

Meet the Humphreys , a close-knit, black country family navigating the wild world of cannabis entrepreneurship in the quirky town of Butt Fuck Georgia in Kiss My Ass County. where politics, racism, Religion and hilarity collide. With a dash of “Sanford and Son” charm and a pinch of “The
Jeffersons’ ‘ A spoon full of the Cosby Show. wit, a heavy dose of a country version of The BoonDocks. The Humpherys are taking the South by storm—one cannabis plant at a time.

The Humphrey Family:

Clarence Humphrey:

The wise-cracking, cannabis-loving family patriarch with an entrepreneurial spirit as big as his heart.

Bernice Humphrey:

Clarence no-nonsense, sharp-tongued wife and partner-in-crime, who keeps the family on track and the business running smoothly.

Clarence Humphrey Jr. AKA (Cornbred ):

The eldest son with a knack for becoming a music producer always finds himself in bizarre Jay Jay from Good Times situations as he tries to make Kiss My Ass County a better place.

Tarsha Humphrey:

The Only daughter, Chip on her tomboyish shoulders Highschool student, activist with a heart of gold, who fights against racism and inequality in her community.

Little Joseph:

Adopted into the family. The youngest oldest son, a tech-savvy wiz kid who invents ingenious ways to enhance the , often with hilarious consequences.

Grandma Loretta:

Bernice’s mother. The backsliding sanctifies christian sassy, quick-witted grandmother who dispenses wisdom, hilarious one-liners, and occasionally indulges in a puff or two.

Fred Humphrey :

Clarence’s father. Retired army vet. Fred suffers from PTSD , Bipolar ,and a little of Dementia. Fred can’t stand the sight of Loretta. Fred is the biggest ass hole in the world. Set against the backdrop of the quirky, fictional town of Kiss My Ass County, Georgia, each episode of the series finds the Humphreys facing off against eccentric townsfolk, bumbling politicians, and outright racists—all while managing their thriving cannabis store and farm.

“High Times in Kiss My Ass County” doesn’t shy away from tackling pressing social issues, using humor and satire to shed light on racism, inequality, and the ups and downs of cannabis entrepreneurship in the American South. The show blends the irreverent charm of “Sanford and Son” and the biting social commentary of “The Jeffersons” with a fresh, modern twist.

As the Humphreys navigate the highs and lows of life in Kiss My Ass County, viewers can expect a mix of uproarious comedy, heartfelt family moments, and a touch of political satire—all served up with a heaping dose of Southern hospitality and a side of cannabis-infused hilarity.